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oktober 15th, 2014

arrival in the land of the rainbow



New painting, ‘old’ words.

Because sometimes one has to travel to the past to rediscover where she’s going.


The Entrance.

Standing at the beginning of a new direction,

standing at the portal towards Hope.

She’s waiting,



Will she leave behind a world of hurt,

distress and disconnection?

It’s the world she got to know.

She knows how to move around,

knows what they expect from her,

she lives up to their expectations,

heading nowhere fast…

Wide awake,

she’s standing at the entrance of an enchanted forest,

bringing a gift.

She found an old friend,

lying around,

covered in dust,

from years filled with fear.


She waits

she hesitates

she’s wavers.


a whisper

softly in her ear:

“You are not alone

I am here with you”


“Let us dream of tomorrow

where we can truly love from the soul,

and know love as the ultimate truth

at the heart of all creation.”

She no longer waits

She no longer hesitates

She no longer wavers

She enters…..

(The quotes are from Michael. Painting is acrylic on canvas, 50 cm by 50 cm)

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