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I ask my friends from all over the world to help me Spread some LOVE. I send them some Spread the Love-cards in the mail and ask them to leave them behind wherever they want, and then take a picture. Here are some pictures from all over the world.

Thank you all for participating in this project. Michael’s Beautiful Message of Love left behind all around the world… That’s awesome! Thank you and LOVE to you!

Want some cards? Wanna help with the Spreading the LOVE project? Just send me an email: marjolein.lukas@gmail.com or contact me through the contact-form of this website.

Now let’s start traveling:

*Marga left some cards in athe Babybos and Schollebos in Capelle aan de ijssel.

Marga babybos capelle aan de ijssel 1 Marga Schollebos capelle aan de ijssel 2 Marga Schollebos capelle aan de ijssel 3

*I left a few cards at the entrance of the Rijksmuseum, Twente and another beautiful building that was painted Delfts Blue, some time ago.

20160312_124206 20160312_124041 20160312_135457

*My friend Bev left a card in her hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe. What a wonderful spot to leave this one. She stayed for a while to see what happened next, and when a group of air-hostesses entered, one of them took the card and put it in her bag. So that’s mission accomplished: Love is spread. Awesome!

Bev Harare 2 Bev Harare 4

*Carol and Rita from the USA left some special cards at Forrest Lawn and Neverland.

Card to Michael at Forest Lawn 2015 my art framed and left on grass field at Forest Lawn again neverland card left at Neverland 2015.

*Carol from the USA left a card in front of Michael’s childhood home in Gary, Indiana.

gary indiana Carol H geboortehuis Michael

*Siren from Canada had a special lunch.

Siren Luch with Michael, 2015

*Stefanie from the Netherlands left cards in Spain.

Stepfanie Spanje 1 Stepfanie Spanje 2

*Trudi from Germany found a card in Cologne, Germany.

Trudi Dierks studio near Cologne

*Alie from the Netherlands traveled to Los Angeles, to Forrest Lawn and Neverland, and left cards.

Alie W friend Forrest Lawn and Neverland 1 Alie W friend Forrest Lawn and Neverland 2 Alie W friend Forrest Lawn and Neverland 4 Alie W friend Forrest Lawn and Neverland 6

*Carol from the USA left a card in the window.


*Agnes from the Netherlands went to Jamaica and left cards.

Agnes Jamaica 1 Agnes Jamaica 2 Agnes Jamaica 3 Agnes Jamaica 7 Agnes Jamaica 5

* Some pictures from Elmira from the Netherlands, she went to Cologne, Germany on a very special journey to be in the studio with some people Michael worked with over the years and to listen to their stories. She did some serious Love-Spreading over there.

Elmira Keulen 2015 1 Elmira Keulen 2015 2 Elmira Keulen 2015 3 Elmira Keulen 2015 5 Elmira Keulen 2015 6 Elmira Keulen 2015 7 Elmira Keulen 2015 8

* Agnes from the Netherlands went to Singapore and surroundings, and left cards on special and beautiful places.

Agnes Singapore 2 Agnes Singapore 3 Agnes Singapore 4 Agnes Singapore 5 Agnes Singapore 6 Agnes Singapore 7 Agnes Singapore 9 Agnes Singapore 11 Agnes Singapore 12 Agnes Singapore 13

* Christine sent this photo to me from Halmstad in Sweden. I love this picture, because it’s a colorful world planted into a bare field, with that beautiful blue sky.

Christine Halmstad Sweden

* Karin from the Netherlands left cards in Gnew, Poland and at Michael’s statue in Best.

Karin V Gnew Polen kaart 1 Karin V Best 1 Karin V Best 2 Karin V Best 3

* Elmira visited De Keukenhof in Lisse where she left some cards. Nice detail: This years theme is Vincent Van Gogh… 🙂

Elmira Lisse Keukenhof 1 Elmira Lisse Keukenhof 2 Elmira Lisse Keukenhof 3 Elmira Lisse Keukenhof 4

* Carol and Brenda left one of my cards together with one of Siren’s cards in Fairfax VA in the USA.

Carol and Brenda, USA Fairfax VA

* Marry visited the Michael Jackson exhibit in Gronau and left a few cards.

Marry augustus 2014 1 Marry augustus 2014 2

* Carol, Brenda and Diana got together for lunch in Warrenton, Virginia, USA. and left a card there.

Carol Virginia 1 Carol Virginia 2 Carol Virginia 3

* Lobke left some cards in Cologne, Germany. I asked her about the locks: turns out this phenomenon can be seen on more and more bridges in more and more cities. Couples write their name on it, close the lock and throw the key in the river. Stands for forever Love. Perfect place for a card. 🙂

Lobke Keulen 2014 1 Lobke Keulen 2014 2 Lobke Keulen 2014 3

* Miridiel went to Margareth Island in Budapest, Hungary and left some cards.

Miridiel Margareth Island 1 Miridiel Margareth Island 2 Miridiel Margareth Island 3 Miridiel Margareth Island 4

* and she left a card at a free library and at a statue for victims of accidents, also in Hungary.

Sunflower Hungary free library 1 Sunflower Hungary free library 2 Sunflower Hungary statue 1 Sunflower Hungary statue 2

* I did a bit of Love-spreading myself. First two pictures are in Ponypark Slagharen. Last picture is made in Sonsbeekpark in Arnhem.

100_5112 100_5116 100_5182

* Miridiel visited the Michael Tree across from the Kempinski Hotel in Budapest. Michael stayed here three times on his visits to that city and she left some cards.

Michael tree 1Miridiel Hungary Michael tree 3 Miridiel Hungary Michael tree 4 Miridiel Hungary Michael tree 6 Miridiel Hungary

* Teunis left some cards in Nepal.

Teunis Nepal 2013 Teunis Nepal 2013 1 Teunis Nepal 2013 3

* Lorrie from the USA left cards at Picket Park, Harrison Bay, H Parks, Centennial Park and Cummings Park.


* I Spread some Love at Steile Oever, the Netherlands. A beautiful magical place, even in wintertime. And a week later i did the same in a pancake house in Scheveningen.

100_4895 100_4896

* Lorrie went on a Love Spreading Mission in the USA. The first 2 cards are placed at Farragut Public Park and Library.The next 4 pics are placed at the Big South Fork National Park and Recreation Area along with one of my Love Stones placed in a small creek. And the last 2 pics are of the Love card placed on a bulletin board at the Bandy Creek Visitor Center”

Look what that bulletin board says: Things you need to know…. And then there’s a Spread the Love card attached to it.

Lorry LOVE CARD 5 Lorry LOVE CARD 8 Lorry LOVE STONE 12 25 2013 4 Lorry LOVE STONE 12 25 2013 2 Lorry BSF LOVE CARD 12 25 2013 3 Lorry BSF LOVE CARD 12 25 2013 5 Lorry LOVE CARD BANDY CREEK 12 25 2013 3 Lorry LOVE CARD BANDY CREEK 12 25 2013 2

* Lobke went to Paris and Spread some Love over there.

Lobke Paris 2 Lobke Paris 1 Lobke Paris 3

* Betelgeuse from Denmark went for a walk on Christmas morning and left cards wherever she went. In a Christmas-tree, in front of a second hand shop and a flower-shop.

Betelgeuse Denmark dec 2013 2 Betelgeuse Denmark dec 2013 4 Betelgeuse Denmark dec 2013 5 Betelgeuse Denmark dec 2013 6

* Carol from the USA met up with 3 other friends in Michael at a restaurant in down-town Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Carol H USA 1 Carol H USA 2

* I went on a Love Spreading Mission today around my hometown. I finally was able to order a new design from one of my paintings with a beautiful quote from Michael: “Make Love your weapon against any evil” And i added a quote from Nelson Mandela to the back: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to Love, for Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ( From a Long Walk to Freedom) It’s cold and wet around here, so i made the cards weather proof before leaving them behind.  I left cards at our monument for Peace and Freedom, at a statue and a bench at the center of town and one on the playground next to my house. Oh and then i left three cards as bookmarks in my books from the library. That’s a total of 11 cards left behind today. Here are a few pictures:

Marjolein 8 dec 2013 1 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 2 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 3 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 4 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 5 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 6 Marjolein 8 dec 2013 7

* Lorry from the USA found my page. She has a wonderful project herself. You can find her story here: http://www.lukas-art.com/projects-from-others/love-stones-from-lorrie/ She also left a few cards behind. One  in Oneida Park in Tennessee, together with one of her Love stones, and one in a Mexican restaurant in Jamestown also in Tennessee.

Lorry USA 3 Lorry USA 2 Lorry USA 5 Lorry USA 4

* Betelgeuse from Denmark left a few cards at the cemetery, under her special tree, and there she found  a very special sign of Love. You can see it in the last picture. Thank you dear friend for Spreading the Love where you live.

* Ellen from the Netherlands left a card in a perfect spot: A purple flowerpot in front of Hotel Leuven. I love how the colors match 🙂

* Karin from the Netherlands sent a card from the Spread the Love project to Jules and she left the card at Coolatore, Ireland at Michael’s Tree near the house where Michael lived.

* Elmira went on holiday to Corralejo, Fuerte Ventura and she Spread the Love over there.

* Carol from the USA met up with some friends in Gary to visit Michael’s childhood home. She left a card in a restaurant called Fahrenheit Two Twelve.

* Christa from the Netherlands went on holidays with her family to Friesland. Here are her pictures.

* Muriel from the Netherlands left a card at the Wereld Museum in Rotterdam.

* Marry from the Netherlands sent a card to Christine in Sweden who has a lovely garden filled with 200 sunflowers. So beautiful!

* Siren from Canada met up with a lot of other friends from all over the world in Los Angeles, and she left Spread the Love-cards on special and beautiful places like Forest Lawn (first 5 pictures), Michael’s hand and footprints and the Broken Heart Stone at the Chinese Theater (1 picture) and Neverland, where the With a Child’s Art-event took place (4 pictures) and in the shuttle to the airport. (1 picture)

* Annie from the Netherlands went to Spain and left some cards there.

* Betelgeuse left cards all over Denmark.

* Just in case anyone is wondering: Here’s me taking a break. 🙂 and Spreading the Love at IKEA in Hengelo.

* Muriel left cards in Berlin, Germany.

* Karin from the Netherlands went to Bled in Slovenia and left some cards there.

* Elizabeth Michelle from the USA did some Love-spreading.

* Sandra went to Leipzig and left some cards at Michaelsbaumchen.

* Sylvie from France went on holidays and took cards with her to New York. She left cards at the Apollo Theater, Central park (notice the little teardrops at the heart) and handed out a card to a fan she met while visiting the Apollo.

She also visited Ground Zero and left some cards here and she gave me permission to share her story here:  Here my photos taken at “Ground Zero Memorial”
The Memorial consists of two huge pools (or bassins ?), each representing the two towers collapsed. The two pools were built to the exact location of each of the two towers.
Several waterfalls 9m high cascading into the pools. The names of the victims are inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the pools.
The Memorial was designed by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker.
Here, I’ve also thought to Michael who the day before in New York’s Madison Square Garden gave a concert for his 30-year career.
The next day, Michael had a professional meeting in one of the two towers of the World Trade Center! fortunately, Michael very tired by his performance the night before, did not wake up and so was saved …
When I took my pictures, I met a couple who came from Boston and with whom I have a little talk.
Marjolein, this is so sad here, so sad …….

* Elizabeth Michelle from the USA Spread some Love at the vet’s office.

* Betelgeuse from Denmark is leaving cards wherever she goes: In the bus, at restaurants, the grocery store, and the library.

* Marry from the Netherlands visited the memorial at Best and left a card at the statue of Michael.

* Carol met up with some friends in Virginia, and left a card after lunch.

* Sandra Spread the Love at Mozelle Valley in Germany. Absolutely beautiful surroundings and what a wonderful place to leave those cards…

She went back a few weeks later and found the photo-frame right where she left it.

* I visited a friend in Arnhem the other day and couldn’t resist to Spread some Love over there. One card of Siren and one of my cards.

* Teunis travels the world. Here are a few photos from his journey to New Zealand.

* Froggy is Spreading the Love in the USA, at the Astro Lounge and that tasty looking burger is making me wanna go there asap 🙂

* Agnes was in Egypt and left a card at the resort she was staying at.

* Stefanie was in London and did some Spreading the Love over there and on her way back home in Eindhoven and Apeldoorn.

* Sylvie from France was in the Netherlands at the MJ Memorial in Best. She was there with William Wagner and despite of all the things she had to do, she found the time to Spread some Love there.

* Froggy is spreading the LOVE in the USA. She leaves cards when she goes to dinner somewhere or buys something in a store. Thank you girl!

* Trudi from Germany went to visit the MJJ memorial in Munich again and took a card, made a frame with butterflies and flowers on it. She also lit a candle with my name on it. She’s a lovely lady, i’ve never been to the MJJ memorial in Munich but she let’s me feel that i’m right there with her,

* Trudi went on a Holiday and took some cards with her. She left them at a fountain in front of the Johannes Church, and a fountain near city hall, and a very funny fountain in Osnabruck , Also between the roses on the wall of the “Marien Kirche” and last but not least at her beach chair

* Heaven spread some LOVE at Holy Terrace, Forest Lawn, Los Angeles. Oh, and she gave a copy of Jacintha Freyling’s book: Different but perfect, to Siedah Garreth, with one of the cards in it. (I designed the cover for that book.)

* Lobke is Spreading the LOVE in Hungary.

And Lobke went also to the garden of Peace in Lidice, Tsjechie and left a card…

These are pictures from Wies. She’s spreading the LOVE in the South of France.

Lobke keeps spreading the LOVE, this time in Prague at the John Lennon wall. This wall stands for peace, love and freedom. She thought it would be a perfect spot for a card, and i agree…

Guess what? Ankelien also Spread some Love in Hungary.

* The following is Charly’s Angels story. She’s from the USA and here ‘s a picture of the town where this story takes place. There ‘s also a very special hotel in town: The bear Hotel, that’s where the bears from her story live.

Here ‘s Charly’s Story:

When you sent me 16 of your beautiful MJ art cards a few weeks ago and asked me to Spread the Love Your Way, I didn’t have a clue yet about where I would place these little gems in my community. I carried them with me every day thinking that I would probably place one or two here and there as I went about my daily routines of work, shopping and other errands. Funny thing is, for about a week or so, no opportunities presented themselves… until one Saturday as I was driving through town, I noticed that the City’s annual “Bearfest” had begun.

A tradition which started about 5 or 6 years ago, the annual Bearfest features a variety of life-sized bear statues, designed and painted by local artists and placed on the sidewalks in front of stores in the downtown area during the summer months when the tourist season is at its peak. The first few years of this tradition, the bears were auctioned off in September to the highest bidders, with all proceeds going to local non-profit organizations. It was a wonderful fundraiser for many charities in the community, and some of the bears drew bids as high as $20,000-30,000!

As the third year of this tradition ended, it was decided by the “powers that be” that it was time to do something different, and a new plan for other types of downtown displays was quickly put in place. Well… the people of the community loved and missed the Bearfest so much, they responded in droves by writing Letters to the Editor of the local newspaper, expressing their opinions at City Council meetings and appealing to the one who started the whole Bearfest idea 3 years prior – a local bank owner and community leader.

I don’t know exactly what took place in meetings and conversations behind closed doors, but it was clear that the citizens just wanted to see those bears out on the streets of Grants Pass every summer! The ultimate result of all this hoopla is that many of the new owners of the bears that had been auctioned off the first three years donated their bears back to the city so they could be proudly displayed downtown once again. A warehouse was built just outside of town for the storage of these bears and other seasonal downtown displays. It is called “The Bear Hotel” and has become a tourist attraction in and of itself!


So, on this beautiful late spring Saturday morning, I knew exactly where I was going to place your MJ Love cards! I thought, what a wonderful way to Spread the Love from one artist in the Netherlands – her artistic creations and Michael‘s inspired words – placed lovingly on these beautiful bear statues created by other artists in a small town of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.A.! A Divinely inspired idea, for sure!

I started on the north end of town at the Black Bear Diner where visitors to our little paradise in the Rogue River Valley are greeted by several friendly bears (not part of the Bearfest) that have been sculpted out of tree trunks. Then I made my way downtown to seek out some of the Bearfest bears on which to leave your and Michael’s calling cards.

When I began this pilgrimage, I didn’t intend to use up all the cards in one day, but once I started the mission, I couldn’t stop! I walked all over the downtown area, discretely and quickly placing each card (making sure nobody was watching), then took several photographs of each one before moving on to the next. I wasn’t as discrete while taking the photos because people are used to seeing tourists photographing the bears – I figured they would just think I was another curious tourist!

This album is a picture diary of my quest… dedicated to you, Marjolein, and Michael! I want to thank you for sending me on this amazing adventure!! It was a day I will never forget, for I could feel Michael’s beautiful spirit, and yours, every step of the way. God Bless You, my friend!

LOVE… In Michael’s Name,
~ Char ~

* Siren from Canada keeps spreading the LOVE wherever she goes. This is Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia, Canada.

* Sylvie from France was with her dance company in Nice for a Dance contest, and left a card in front of this hotel. On August 14 1988, during the “BAD WORLD TOUR” in Nice, Michael has stayed in this hôtel the “Negresco”.

* Carola from Italy is leaving cards wherever she goes in the Tuscany Region.

* Remember Paula from Australia? This time she left cards all over her hometown. You can read her beautiful story here… Thank you Paula, you are an amazing wonderful woman.  http://www.mjworld.net/news/2012/04/02/messages-of-love/

* Candy from Greece translated the quotes from Michael into Greek and wrote them on the back and left the cards at some beautiful places in Greece.

* Siren from Canada went on a journey to the USA. She left cards at Morro Bay, in the center of a town called Los Olivos, at the gates of Neverland, at the Glendale Hilton Hotel, at the Chinese Theaters on Hollywood Boulevard, at Forest Lawn ( She found out that all the cards where taken inside to be placed next to Michaels tomb, and that brought tears to my eyes), in the main office of Gardner Elementary School, on Michael’s star at Hollywood Boulevard,  at LAX and at Calgary International Airport.

* Brenda from the USA is also spreading the love at her local Starbucks.

* And Brenda keeps spreading the LOVE. This time at the Charlottesville shopping mall in the USA.

* Linda from the USA likes to start the day at Starbucks and Michael’s music. She left a card there, thought it was fitting to leave his picture next to a big star. She was also at a doggy park somewhere. I love the statue, so playful 🙂

She also has given a card to Susan, her sister in law and asked me to publish this picture with the following words: “Susan has a heart of GOLD – loves our Michael dearly – please pray that Susan beats this Cancer – I know MJ would wrap her in his angel wings and make this struggle go away- but we are his helpers now! God bless!”

*Agnes from the Netherlands went for a visit to London, where she stumbled upon the little tents of the people from the Occupy movement in front of the St. Paul’s Cathedral.  There she had to leave a card, she felt it was the perfect spot.

She also left a card at the Greenwich Time Clock, where time is made, with the 02 Arena in the background. When she passed that same spot 10 minutes later the card had already been taken.

* Paula from Australia went on a journey to the USA and left cards all over the place. At the gates of Neverland, at Gardner Elementary, at Forest Lawn and at Julien’s Auction’s House.

* Trudi from Germany has a little stone angel called Michael next to her front door. She went on a journey with the cards and two candles ( Thank you so much for creating this candle with my name on it) to the MJ memorial in Munich. She left cards in the train, at her hotel, and of course at the memorial.

* Veronica is spreading the LOVE in the USA. Together with her family, she brings Christmas packages to the war veterans in her community. This year she added cards to those packages.

* Leen is spreading the LOVE in Surabaya, Indonesia. He left a card under the Christmas tree at his hotel.

* Lene is spreading the LOVE in Norway. She added some cards to her Christmas cards, and left a card at a hospital.

* Nina is spreading the LOVE in England. First picture is taken at an art show. She left a card in the Christmas tree. And the second one is from a music store called “Off the Wall”

Thank you and Love to you all!

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