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prints for Gary 1

Catherine M. Gross asked me to contribute some prints of my art for a new project she has begun. She’s starting a new museum: The Michael Jackson Art Museum. It’s such a big honor for me to be asked for this huge project. Art from artists from all over the world is gonna be brought together in one place. Being one of those artists is magically wonderful… Ever since my journey with Michael began i have been thinking and talking about something like this: a world-wide exhibit where people are able to feel Michael’s Beautiful Message of Love and come out a little bit different from when they entered….
And now it gonna happen for real.

Just awesome!

Here’s the the link to the first announcement in Examiner.com:


Here’s the link to my story she published in the Examiner.com:


She published a lot of stories from other artists i love and admire since then.

I really hope to visit this museum someday.



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