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After all the ballyhoo

december 18th, 2011

I have no idea if  “ballyhoo” is a good word, but my computer suggested it as another word for noise, and i loved it. So, that had to be the title of this piece 🙂

Sometimes the world can be pretty noisy. After the trial i had to go back to the essence. So i took my brushes and paint and Michael’s music. This came out… This is the journey i’m on and i don’t ever wanna stop traveling.

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  1. Heaven Leigh

    Oh thank you! I love this! I love to think that Michael is protecting his children in invincible bubbles of spirit! This is wonderful, sweet, magical – as your others. It also makes me think of ornaments. It FEELS good! Beautiful, loving, deeply meaningful work for Michael! Thank you Marjolein! xoxoxox I was just thinking I wanted something for “Angel Power” but didn’t know what – this is more than PERFECT. <3

  2. Heaven Leigh

    I love the word “ballyhoo” too! hee hee

  3. Moondancer

    LOVE this Marjolein! I too have had to retreat and get back to creation………thankyou for sharing! x

  4. sunshanna


    This is your gift and why you are here and after all is said and done…after all the ballyhoo:] I am so nutured returning to Michaels teachings,and the sweet voice of an angel always waiting in the wings to replenish my spirit. Michael heals my soul. Funny but wherever he is you will find God also…light and love cannot be separate one from the other…by God’s grace in some way Michael is always with us. I love coming home to my sacred space. May light and love and all you need be waiting. thank you so much for this painting and for sharing it with me. XXXX

  5. Linda Malman

    Such a wonderful gIft you have! I Am not eloquent with words but suffice to say we are all on a journey – glad and joyful to Shae it with beautiful people such as yourself! Michael was truly a gift – that we all reaped rewards from. I get goosebumps when I read all the inspiring stories that so many share! LOVE and hugs! XxOO

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