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Blue Moon Paradise

mei 22nd, 2013

‎”Don’t be afraid to know who you are. You are much more than you ever imagined”

* Michael Jackson *

I’m intrigued by Paradise, don’t know why exactly, but i think it might have something to do with being the idealist that i am. I believe in heaven on earth, and the fact that we can create it together as long as Love is where we come from with everything we think, do and say….

In this painting i played with numbers again: 7 blue flow-lines and 4 mountains makes 11 elements which build the landscape. 3 bird like creatures, 1 sunflower, 1 blue moon, 1 hand and 1 butterfly makes 7 objects in that landscape. Oh, and the most important numbers: If anyone is wondering who’s hand this is, just count the leafs from the sunflower, then count the branches on the tree in the heart of the sunflower, and by then you can guess the last number which is almost invisible painted in red, on the tree trunk.

3 Responses to “Blue Moon Paradise”

  1. Char S

    This is awesome Marji!!! You know Michael would love it! I love the symbolism Its something you can just keep looking at with wonderment. Its beautiful and the colors are vivid and striking!
    So glad to be a friend of yours at least from afar. You are truly a treasure!

  2. Sheryl W

    Marji, I also LOVE this. Wow! There is something about your art that is extremely appealing to me. I don’t have a background in art, but am married to an artist-turned-pharmacist who convinced me there are so many ways to be “an artist” if you have the sense! I love how you use lines and color and symbolism! Do you ever sell your paintings? I would love to own one, especially this one! I think my students (ages 13-15) would really like to see your paintings too! I am serious about purchasing either prints or originals.

  3. marjolein

    Hi girls,
    Thank you so much for your kind and loving comments. Sheryl: i’m gonna answer you in a PM

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