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Little Grey Mouse and a piece of the rainbow.

I designed this one, because i’m a member of Michael’s Messengers of Love. This is a group of people from Facebook who are sending cards all around the world to people who need some cheering up. I wanted to create a special card which i could send out to people and this came up.

Little Grey Mouse has been with me for a very long time. He first appeared in my teens, accompanied me to class, showed up in my notes from school, in my school calendar, later in sessions from work. Always with that silly smile upon his face… somehow making me feel better… He hasn’t been around for years, until last week, when i started thinking about creating something. Suddenly he popped into my head with that same silly smile, and i decided to go along. I don’t think he has a name, it’s just a silly little grey mouse, but i sure hope he ‘s gonna make a little difference in someones life, even if it ‘s only for one brief moment… After all, a smile is a first step towards a better world 🙂

“Don’t be afraid to know who you are, you are much more than you ever imagined”

* Michael Jackson *

2 Responses to “Little Grey Mouse and a piece of the rainbow”

  1. marjolein

    Girls: Door, Linda and Martha, I’m so sorry but somehow your lovely comments have gone missing some time this week… They were here and now they are gone. 🙁 One of the mysteries of the world wide web. Anyway. I appreciated them very much… LOVE to you.

  2. Elmira

    Dear Marjolein,

    What a lovely card with that little grey mouse and his silly smile! I’m sure he’ll brighten up anyone’s day, whoever is lucky enough to receive one of your beautiful cards.


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