Spreading the Love…my way

“LOVE is the answer”

*Michael Jackson*

When all the world
Seems filled with gloom
It’s soul consumed
With tragedy and disaster
Love is the answer

When hate fills the space
Where love was once commonplace
When words sting
Instead of sing
Love is the answer

When others don’t understand
Why you’ve taken My hand
Your new light reveals
Their darkness concealed
Love is the answer

When your patience is tested
You feel not at your best
When life doesn’t seem fair
Just breathe and say a prayer
And remember…
Love is the answer

When hard times descend
Upon foe or friend
When eyes that once sparkled and shined
Become blind
Love is the answer

When land and sea
Send out a plea
Mother Earth cries out
Destruction all about
Love is the answer

When the children are forlorn
Their little souls tattered and torn
Abused, neglected
Hopeless and dejected
Love is the answer

For only Love can turn darkness to light
Blindness to sight
Giving hope to the hopeless
A friend to the friendless
New vision and a dream
Can be all that they seem
When we remember
That Love is the answer

Copyright © 2011 by Charlene Burgess

Char gave me permission to publish her poem here. It’s beautiful. Thank you Char. Visit her blog some  time, she has a way with words i can only admire and love… http://mjreflecdtionsheart2heart.blogspot.com/

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