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Scared of the Moon?

juli 11th, 2014

no longer scared of the moon

a kid’s swing

desperate escape

from a cold world

an island of solitude

in a lonely sea

life unlived

life unloved

in You came

to take me

on this sacred journey

now here am i

with nothing but my Love

i don’t know

how to be

scared of the moon


( Acrylic on canvas, 50 cm by 70 cm,  six of my other paintings are in an exhibition for two months at the moment, that’ s great of course, but the walls of my house are very empty now 🙂 So i created another one, and this morning when i sat down to take a good look at it, these words also came. I hope you like it.)


One Response to “Scared of the Moon?”

  1. Sheryl

    I love this painting for many reasons. You really captured so many feelings with this one.

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