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Things that matter

december 29th, 2010

I ’m not a big talker, I ’m not that good with words. I talk with images, pictures and I hope they do the talking for me. But now I ’ve made this painting, just for me, but maybe you would like it too.

It’s called: Things that matter.

……First time I saw this picture of Michael it looked like he was saying to me: “hey, I ’ve done the best I can, now it’s up to you, LOVE”

……There are three quotes which are dearest to my HEART:

“Keep the Faith.”

“Make that change.”

“It’s all for L.O.V.E. Love!”

……A butterfly who says: “Yes you can make that change, I could, so can you, everybody can and this world can be healed. I ‘m here to give you HOPE.”

……And those leafs, they’re from a bush that grows on the ground, up the walls, all over the place, there’s no stopping it. That’s STRENGTH.

I think it’s some kind of message board to keep me focussed, because people hurt, vision gets clouded and heart gets heavy

Life paints you a pretty ugly picture sometimes. But these are the things that really matter:  LOVE, HEART, HOPE and STRENGTH

And I wish all of these things to you!

2 Responses to “Things that matter”

  1. Brenda Beazley

    Marjolein….I’ve seen this wonderful painting of yours before, but I don’t think I’ve seen this page where you introduce it….for a woman of few words, you say much more than you realize….the Things That Matter …. you’ve captured them beautifully!!

  2. Elmira

    Dear Marjolein,

    Great painting! You have captured the essence of the things that matter. I hope to see the paintings tomorrow, that would be magical on such a difficult day, where we should also remember to celebrate his life and everything he stood for and inspired in others like you and me. Much love!


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