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Welcome to Neverland

november 3rd, 2013

I talk too much. 🙂

My last painting is the living proof of that, i get so enthusiastic about all the things that are in my heart, i start to talk and talk and forget about the brakes. What i originally wanted to say ends up hidden behind all the things  i want to say also.

My voice has been hidden for a long time, i was numb, what i wanted to say didn’t matter, it wasn’t going to make a difference anyway…

But then i found my voice again, somewhere around June 25 2009. It was the day i discovered Love didn’t leave, had never left, Love was still here for everyone to see and feel. So i found my voice and started to talk and talk and talk, and sometimes in the end, it left me with the feeling that i even didn’t hear what i wanted to say. The truth is that i was scared to death that my voice was gonna leave again, and there are a few paintings living proof of that. So is that last one…

What i wanted to say with my last painting is this:

I didn’t get to see and feel Neverland this year, so i painted the Neverland from my dreams. Heaven filled with peace and joy for everyone to enjoy.

Margareth Becker put it like this in one of her songs: “Just come in, just leave that right there. Love does not care”

( Who ever you might be and whatever you might have done, Love doesn’t mind. Love loves you anyway)

All the other things i wanted to say have to wait until another time. I trust the universe, my voice isn’t going anywhere, it will stay right  here with me.

Love to you!

3 Responses to “Welcome to Neverland”

  1. Brenda Beazley

    Marjolein… this painting is absolutely gorgeous and delightful!!!!!!!!! It is especially bright and hopeful… though all your works are of such wonderment…. And I enjoyed your words immensely… I’m so happy you found your voice… I wouldn’t despair of losing it… I will always want to know whatever you have to say!! L.O.V.E. & HUGS to you!!

  2. With a Child's Heart

    So true, Marjo … your voice is strong and beautiful!

  3. Rosalynn Smith

    Such a perfectly personal visual, Marjolein. Such wonder-filled words to accompany it!

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