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You Are Not Alone

oktober 5th, 2011

“You Are Not Alone”

Powerful message i keep hearing in my head, and feel in my heart…

This is the image that came along with that message. All i had to do was paint it on canvas.  🙂

LOVE to you!

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  1. Heaven Leigh

    Oh! Wow! I do looooove this, Marjolein! I love the hearts, the heart trees – Pan in the moon – is that a dove of peace I see too? Beautiful! Thank you, dancing lady! xoxo

  2. Heaven Leigh

    Marjolein’s Painting
    Do you see me on the moon
    Dancing to your desperate tune?
    I am sending healing
    I ask you to dance
    Do you cry to all the trees
    “Spread your branches – rescue me?”
    I am sending magic
    Catch it if you can!
    Where the purple meets the black
    Earth is silent – light is dim
    Touch the moonlight in my hand
    Send it back to me again
    On the wings of silent dove
    You will hear a childlike love
    Let your friends surround you
    They are my friends too
    Dance for freedom – dance for bliss
    Sending you a moonlit kiss
    You will teach all creatures
    How to do my dance
    Where the moonlight meets the trees
    Light is vibrant – branches speak
    Wear the moonlight on your toes
    Travel where the heavens glow…

    All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2011

  3. marjolein

    Dear Heaven,
    Thank you so very much for finding those beautiful words. I’m totally speechless right now, It’s magically beautiful….
    LOVE to you my friend.

  4. Door

    Girls both of you did a great job; it seems you are impregnating (?) each other. Love from me, Door

  5. teunis


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